Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a way to describe collective conversations that take place online. When people create and contribute content and opinions to an interactive platform, such as an online message board, they’re partaking in social media. Social media marketing is the process of marketing your company via these stimulating,  engaging conversations.

The Appeal of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is supported by special Internet-based tools that encourage users to share content and interact with one another across the Web. Some of the most popular functions of social media marketing include:

  • Communication – having a conversation with one or many persons
  • Collaboration – working together to create something
  • Multimedia – sharing photos, videos, audio clips, and other forms of media online
  • Reviews and Opinions – exchanging opinions of products, services, locations, and more

Social media has completely transformed the way people obtain information online. Consumers are turning to other consumers for first-hand reviews and feedback of products and services of interest.

Who should use Social Media Marketing Services?

Social media marketing has something for everyone. Social media marketing typically revolves companies, products, services, and events, it serves as a common ground where marketers and consumers can intermingle.

Social media services function as online water coolers where consumers can:

  • gather on an assortment of social platforms, such as Twitter.
  • discuss topics of interest, such as products, services, and events.

By paying attention to social media services and the content they amass, marketers can:

  • listen to conversations about the industry or brand.
  • engage their customers in a casual, friendly online environment.

Websites, e-Commerce stores, and e-Businesses have made an effort to incorporate tools, features and platforms to facilitate social media marketing conversations, and give their visitors the opportunity to share a variety of content, including:

  • text-based comments
  • images
  • videos

Now that you know more about Social Media Marketing, learn about the ways you can make the most of this wonderful platform by contacting Search N Local today.

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