Mobile Marketing

Why Mobile Marketing?

“Mobile is pretty much the answer to everything…  Anything Google creates from here on out will be first on the mobile platform and then worked around for a desktop…. Yes, mobile will be a larger business than PC-Web…. Smart phone sales will overtake PCs within the next few years and more than half of new internet connections will be from mobile devices.”  – Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Yes, you read that right.  The CEO of Google, the world’s biggest internet search engine company, is shifting theirentire business model from internet search to mobile search and advertising!

Are You Ready for the Mobile Explosion?

We live in a mobilized, technology driven world, a world where people want their information and they want it now.  10 years ago email was that solution.  Companies could communicate directly with their customers on a daily basis.  Though with the onslaught of spam and impersonal automated email responders people have become numb to their overflowing inboxes.  Now companies are lucky to even have their message get through all the noise.  The average email open rate is 2 to 5 percent which means 95 percent of the time your customers and prospects aren’t hearing what you have to say.  What if you could reverse those numbers?

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing and most effective platforms for communicating with your customers.  With an average open rate of 97 percent and a response rate of up to 15 times that of email, you can instantly promote your current deals, discounts, coupons and special events knowing that your message is getting through even when your customers are on the go.

The Mobile Marketing Association recently said marketing via text messaging is the “most prevalent form of mobile marketing” and it’s still in its infancy!  Four out of five teens carry a mobile device and 130 billion texts are sent out each month.  In fact, the average American sends and receives almost double the amount of texts as they do phone calls and according to a recent Comscore study, 25% of mobile phone users participate in between 1 and 10 SMS marketing programs monthly. With mobile marketing you can reach your customers at any given time no matter where they are.

With our expertise in mobile marketing we can launch a profitable and extremely affordable mobile campaign for your company that will yield a proven ROI of over 20% higher than traditional forms of advertising.  Better yet, we can have your campaign set up and operating by the end of the day.  Unlike print advertising or commercial TV and radio spots there is no down time to start building your mobile customer list and start leveraging your customer’s addictions to their mobile phones.

We can customize a winning mobile marketing strategy for you that includes,

  • Mobile optimized websites and landing pages
  • Mobile social media integration
  • Mobile application development and utilization
  • Mobile banner ads
  • Click-to-call and interactive voice response
  • QR code and Snap Tag creation and integration
  • Text (SMS) marketing and
  • Mobile coupons

Who will benefit from mobile marketing?

  • Realtors– Instantly give potential buyers information on listings 24/7
  • Restaurants– Instantly get the word out about coupons and special food deals
  • Clubs and Bars– Instantly let people know of drink specials or special events
  • Hair Salons– Instantly run special deals on slow days
  • Doctors Offices– Instantly let patients know of last minute openings
  • Virtually any business will benefit!

We know that no matter what industry you’re in, mobile marketing can open up a personalized communication channel that will reach out to both existing and potential customers.  We will provide you with the tools and expertise to take your company mobile.

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