Who Advertises Online?

Everybody who cares, is serious about their business and doesn’t want to be left in the dark – advertises online!

Ad spending crashed hard when the financial crisis hit, but companies are once again starting to shell out cash for ads. Led by the retail and automotive industries, companies spent a total of $131 billion for advertising in the US last year, up 6.5% from 2013, according to AdAge’s new national advertising spending database update.
The biggest gainers included JPMorgan and American Express, up 43% and 63% respectively.
The top spender of all was P&G, which spent $3.4 billion last year.


The 12 biggest ad spenders last year were:

  • JP Morgan Chase spent $1.92 billion on ads
  • Walt Disney Co. spent $1.93 billion on ads
  • L’Oreal spent $1.98 billion on ads
  • Johnson & Johnson spent $2.03 billion on ads
  • Time Warner spent $2.04 billion on ads
  • Walmart spent $2.06 billion on ads
  • Pfizer spent $2.12 billion on ads
  • American Express spent $2.22 billion on ads
  • Verizon spent $2.45 billion on ads
  • General Motors spent $2.87 billion on ads
  • AT&T spent $2.99 billion on ads
  • Proctor & Gamble spent $3.34 billion on ads


As we’re seeing Google’s Q1 earnings from last month, we can without a doubt say the ad dollars across the board are on a rise. Google’s first quarter revenue was $17.3 billion, up 12% year on year. Excluding the net impact of foreign currency headwinds, revenue grew a healthy 17% year on year. The giant search engine continues to see a great momentum in their mobile advertising business and opportunities with brand advertisers.


As everyone can see, the recession is over and and everybody got back to spending on online ads.



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